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Aikya Corporation was established on 7th June 2016 to pursues the sustainable development of Vietnamese Pharmaceutical industry and contributes to public health. On the journey of building and developing, Aikya Corporation is proud to have made owned trademark in the industry by pharmaceutical projects as well as bringing the brand to wider market for both domestic and abroad partners. Aikya Corporation has grown to be the top 10 leading companies in domestic pharmaceutical industry through manufacturing – distribution network nationwide and is now expanding footprints into regional markets.

Fields of operation:

  • Invest in and actively manage domestic & foreign pharmaceutical enterprises

  • Research & Development of pharmaceutical products

  • Investment and development of medical plants

  • Import & Export medical supplies

  • Training and development of senior human resource

Manufacturing and distribution network:

  • TV Pharm: The first factory was established on 1992. Total manufacturing capacity has now reached 1.5 billion units/year and is expected to reach 3.5 billion units/year after the commercialization of the new 98.000 m2 Hi-tech Pharmaceutical Complex in Tra Vinh Province. The project shall manufacture EU-GMP products thus helps to ensure sustainability of domestic pharmaceutical supply and reduce the dependence of Vietnam on foreign markets

  • Mebiphar: The first factory was established on 1988. Total manufacturing of over 200 products through 8 production lines, being supplied to more than 2.000 hospitals and pharmacies nationwide

  • S.Pharm: The first factory was established on 1993. Total manufacturing capacity of 1.1 billion units/year in 02 factories non-Beta lactam and Cephalosporin

Financials: Revenue USD 33 million in FY2020, being the top 10 leading companies in Vietnam pharmaceutical industry

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