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Long-term partnership 

A strong alignment within our team and organization, with our sponsors investment needs and with our investment partners always with a long-term approach in mind. We believe in active and meaningful collaboration and always seek to create “win-win” solutions.

Integrity and Excellence

We believe strongly in honesty and reliability in all our dealings. We follow our words through our actions and own up to everything we do. We constantly strive for the best results and continuously challenge ourselves to do better..

Active value-creation

Focusing on our core sectors allows us to consistently identify and cover key investment prospects, and to follow through on delivering value-add before and after an investment. This is achieved through harnessing sector expertise, creativity in sourcing, structuring and managing investments, and going the extra mile to support our investee companies.

Core Values

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Our investments focus on growth sectors that enjoy the competitve advantage of Vietnam and contribute to the long-term, sustainable growth of the economy.


Main market:
Vietnam and Southeast Asia

Our investments are centered around Vietnam, with a view to expand opportunistically in ASEAN.


Vietnam has been among the fastest growing countries in the region and the world, rising at an average rate of 6.5% since 2000, and is expected to become the 20th largest economy by 2050. Strengthening fundamentals, improving infrastructure, positive demographics, growing middle class and increasing attractiveness for FDI are among the few reasons that make Vietnam a promising investment destination.

 Investment type: Growth Equity

VOI focuses on a broad mix of investments ranging from Private Equity, Infrastructure, Real Estate and PIPE with the ability to invest in both Operating and Greenfield/Brownfield assets

Deal size:
USD 10 - 30 million

A target deal size ranging from US$10 – 30m allows us to take meaningful ownership in established mid-sized companies while ensuring portfolio diversification in terms of company and sector specific risks and returns.


We aim to own minority to significant minority stakes in companies. At a minimum, we seek an ownership of 10% which provides a suitable level of corporate governance needed through board representation, while capping ownership at 49% in order to allow our business partners to retain ownership and alignment in the company.

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Focus Sectors



Vietnamese people are spending nearly USD 3bn a year for overseas medical treatment due to low quality of domestic healthcare services. Furthermore, Vietnam has the fastest growing middle class in Southeast Asia which in turns demand for better healthcare services.


Quality, private education is of short supply in Vietnam, meanwhile public schools are overly crowded. In Vietnam, a good education is the promise of a better future. Thus, parents would spare no resources to provide their children with the best education available.

Renewable Energy

Vietnam's facing shortage of electricity now and in the future. The country possesses a very favorable conditions to capture energy from the nature such as wind & solar.


Infrastructure is the building block of any country & economy. Investing in infrastructure is betting on the growth story of the country


Vietnam's utilities sector is severely under-invested, regulated utilities are known for their ability to generate moderate but predictable returns regardless of market condition.



Mar 23, 2018

Vietnam-Oman relations enter new chapter

Mar 7, 2019

9th HD Bank International Chess Tournament 2019 begins

Mar 23, 2018

Vietnam & Oman strengthen relations

May 14, 2020

VN presents medical supplies to assist Oman in fighting COVID-19

23 tháng 3, 2018

Quan hệ Việt Nam - Oman bước sang chương mới

7 tháng 3, 2019

Giải Cờ vua quốc tế HDBank lần thứ 9

23 tháng 3, 2018

Tình hữu nghị bền chặt của Việt Nam - Oman

14 tháng 5, 2020

Việt Nam hỗ trợ vật tư y tế cho Oman phòng chống COVID-19


Highlight Projects

Image by Lance Asper
CME Solar Investment

Renewable Energy

A leading and prestigious company in renewable energy sector

Image by Lance Asper
Aikya Corporation


Top 10 companies in Vietnam pharmaceutical industry

Image by Lance Asper
Hau River WTP


Surface water treatment plant in Hau Giang

Image by Lance Asper
CTCP Đầu tư CME Solar

Năng lượng tái tạo

Công ty hàng đầu về lĩnh vực năng lượng tái tạo

Image by Lance Asper
Tập đoàn Dược phẩm Aikya

Tập đoàn dược phẩm

Top 10 công ty hàng đầu trong ngành dược phẩm tại Việt Nam

Image by Lance Asper
Nhà máy xử lý nước mặt Hậu Giang

Tiện ích / Nhà máy nước

Nhà máy xử lý nước mặt tại Hậu Giang

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