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Copper Mountain Energy (“CME”) is a company specializing in investing and developing renewable energy in Vietnam.

Founded in 2018, CME aims to become a leading and prestigious company in renewable energy sector and contribute towards a low carbon economy.

Not only owns a network of leading partners in the field of energy but also CME is led by a seasoned management team with leading partners in the energy sector with over 200 years of experience in deploying and operating power plants around the world.

Vision: To generate sustainable energy solutions towards a low carbon economy.

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Figure 1. Distributed PV

  • Distributed solar energy, normally installed on buildings’ roof, is a faster, less expensive option to the construction of solar farm. They offer consumers the potential for lower cost, higher service reliability, high power quality, increased energy efficiency, and energy independence.

  • In Vietnam, CME develops distributed solar energy in both industrial and residential sector across the country and targets to reach to 1GWp by end of 2024

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Figure 2. Solar Farm

  • CME successfully invested and operated 2 solar farm projects in Long An Province with total installed capacity of 140.5 MWp. Total invested amount: USD 146 million.

  • CME still keeps planning for more projects including floating solar farm in order to deliver commitments to sustainability change.

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Figure 3. Wind Farm

  • Multiple wind farm projects in highlands are under development with total capacity of 250MWp


  • End to end solutions: Strong capabilities across the value chain Design – Engineering – Procurement – O&M leads to control over quality , timelines and costs

  • The best team: CME pursues innovative solution to help partners gain access to the most advanced technology including Building-Integrated PV and storage

  • Installation and O&M peace of mind: CME's dedicated in-house team for all projects leads to maximise performance and safety

  • Fastest execution: The uniqueness to have their own warehouse with ready inventory to avoid the lead time of delivery

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